Hatfields and McCoys – Travel Ideas

Are you looking to find out more about the Famous(Infamous) Hatfields and McCoys? We can give you a little of the story and point you on your way to places that will give you a better understanding of the time and places that were important in this famous feud. From here in Charleston, we’re a little removed as most of the action took place down closer to the border of WV and KY. From the beginning it was a mess, and bad blood and strife on both sides led to back hills feuding and fighting, with many unconscionable crimes on both sides. For the longest time, the two heads of the families fought, but over time both, being deprived of family, came to understand the grief they had brought upon themselves.

Today, a feud is defined by the types of actions and severity of feeling that was witnessed in these hills and around the families. We’ve come a long way and remembering this history of the southwestern part of the state keeps us from repeating the mistakes of the past.

Some of the best ways to visit the area is through places like the Hatfield-McCoy trails or the other venues listed below.

Hatfield-McCoy ATV Trails
34 Oakwood Heights Road
Williamson, WV 25661

Hatfield Cemetery
HWY 44
Sarah Ann, WV

Historic Matewan
Matewan, WV

Museum in the Park
376 Little Buffalo Creek Rd
Logan, WV 25601

Sid Hatfield Grave Site
Radio Hill
Matewan, WV