Green Initiatives

Our Hotel Properties all participate in their respective Brands Green Initiatives programs which  include :

  • Towel and Linen reuse program dramatically reduces water and energy use
  • Ceramic mugs are available to minimize the use of paper cups
  • Effective low flow toilets, showers and faucets reduce water consumption throughout the hotel
  • Reduce Energy – Energy efficient bulbs are used wherever possible, staff turns off lights, turns down AC/Heating units in rooms that aren’t being used, closes drapes in the summer time
  • Recycle – Paper, bottles, plastics, batteries, cell phones and appliances, recycling bins are provided for staff and in public sites
  • Waste/Recycle – Recycled office paper, guest direct mailings and other hotel materials; electronic communication as much as possible; reuse office paper, folders and binders
  • Minimize Waste – Eliminate junk mail, digitalize documents and communicate electronically
  • Community Programs – Donate amenities, old appliances and furniture to local charities
  • Energy Tracking – We are in the early stages of training staff for the ENERGY STAR® tracking program to track and reduce energy consumption
  • Education – We have assembled a Green Committee from staff members