Charleston WV Newspapers

Charleston WV, used to be the home to 2 competing newspapers, The Daily Mail with a right leaning bias, and The Gazette, with a left leaning bias. A number of years ago, in the need to shore up finances, these two opposing newspapers, resolved to merge into the Charleston Gazette-Mail. They both kept their own editorials and opinion pages with their own viewpoints. The end result is the current paper you know see in the Kanawha Valley and that has a subscriber base spanning the state.

Other weekly papers come out as well, but the Gazette-Mail is the primary source of written news in the area. The Graffiti paper, comes out monthly and contains many article and music related items as well as classified ads.

Charleston Gazette-Mail
1001 Virginia Street E
Charleston, WV 25301
519 Juliana St
Parkersburg, WV 26101